Hello, my name is Katricia. I grew up in Indonesia, and am currently calling Toronto home. I love to eat, learn new things, and adore all things in the cat family - including myself and pomeranians (shhh).

I have an acute eye and ear for detail. I tend to randomly sing along to the playlist in my head, or give tribute to inspiration through the scratchings of lead on paper.

I get excited about a lot of things, but nothing lights me up like talking nerdy about technology. Oh, and plants. Bicycles too.

Meow face.

Creating things.

I'm building more human apps @ Helpful.

Before this, I've lead and developed iOS, Android and web hybrid apps for connected cars, fitness trackers, social networks and live mobile TV.
Building things is what I'm good at, and have worked with leading companies like Ford Motors, NBA, Survey Monkey and Under Armour.

Proudly trained @ Pivotal Labs, Xtreme Labs, and Blackberry


I like to create things for fun -
once in a while, I'll CODE on side projects, EXPRESS myself through song, DESIGN websites and MAKE ceramic things.

Blogging and things.

I'm sure someone once said that an internet presence is not complete without a blog or something. Whoever they are, I usually agree, and other times, I'm tweeting.